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The third and final book in the Misplaced Children Series is out now (Tuesday, March 1st)

Book one, A Misplaced Child is on sales for $.99 for the next 5 days.

This is a Young Adult Fantasy series featuring a dynamic story and a lovely cast of characters. Some heavy tropes are mental health, and found family.

Synopsis for book 3, A Misplaced Life:

Elodie Harper is tired of putting her life on hold.

A dead-end job and a host of magical and successful roommates constantly popping in and out of her day are only a reminder her desires and wishes are so very far outside of her control.

Uncovering secrets, long hidden, hint at feelings of betrayal as Elodie and her friends embark on a longshot adventure. In this finale, join the Misplaced Children, now grown up, as they search for a key to break their spell and be free to live their lives on their own terms.

It's been seven years since Elodie Last traveled to the world of her birth. Working a dead end job Elodie is waiting for her life to start. Instead of waiting patiently she's taking the easy way out, disassociating and slowly watching life pass her by day by day.

Through a group effort of Elodie and her fellow Misplaced, they gain the upper-hand on the spell and force their way back to the Twoshy, although how long they can stay is limited and unknown. Join them as they race against the clock, searching for clues with the desperate hope of one day being free from the illusion forever.

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